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“Creativity is more important than knowledge.” Albert Einstein

As a lawyer, you can learn the wisdom of improv, be able to speak from the heart, engage the courage to create, and enjoy the true wonder of being in the moment. You’ll experience and learn the unique secrets the improvisation professionals on such shows as Second City Theater, Saturday Night Live, Upright Citizens Brigade […]

I am asked all the time where lawyers can find a good book on improv….

I am asked all the time where lawyers can find a good book on improv. Well, here they are, courtesy of the fine folks at the Magnet Theater: Recommended Improv BooksReading Improv books can be a great supplement to a solid improv education. Improv books give us additional lessons that may not have been touched on […]

Improv for Lawyers Develops Excellent Trial Skills

Attorneys develop the ability to enhance their trial skills, negotiate more productive settlements,  improve their mediation skills and attract new clients. Often, thinking fast and reacting in the moment is the difference between success and failure as a lawyer. Improv for Lawyers develops skills in dealing with the unexpected, trusting intuition, active listening, agreement and […]

Improvisational Theater Skills for Lawyers