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Improv and Persuasion

The need to be persuasive to a jury or judge in a trial is a basic for trial attorneys. The same goes for mediators who need to create an environment of agreement for clients. In “Using Improvised Persuasion to Achieve Your Goals”, Skip Prichard shares some insights about sales and improvisation. A New Approach to Persuasion […]

Applied Improvisation Network!

Applied Improvisation Network! Applied improvisation uses the principles, tools, practices, skills and mind-sets developed in comedy, jazz and theater and utilizes them for non-theatrical or performance purposes. Practitioners of applied improvisation facilitate workshops, for individuals or organizations, introducing them to these principles, tools etc. via solo, paired or group exercises, activities and games. Participants of […]

Interview with Bill McLaughlin

#5 3.20.16 Interview with Bill McLaughlin March 19, 2016 In the early days of improvisation in New York City, you could not find a funnier or more experienced comedy improvisor than Bill McLaughlin. Bill was trained by master improv guru, Del Close and came to NYC from Chicago with Chicago City Limits improv troupe, modeled […]

Why Lawyers Should Take Improv Classes

The first time I stepped into an improv class was in 1979. It was even before I did stand-up comedy, and I had no idea what improv was. I was working as an agent for a college booking agency, and was asked by the First Amendment Comedy Troupe in New York to audition them for […]

Top Ten Improv Games

Improv comedy takes a certain wittiness, recalling ability, and fertile repertoire by which comedy can be engendered on the spot.   An improv comedian is like a Ninja warrior, ready for anything that happens around him– and tapping every resources available, intrinsic and extrinsic (observing, listening, feeling—using all senses). Some strong improvisers can create comedy […]

TEAM-BUILDING through IMPROVISATION – 33 improv techniques that help lawyers as litigators, mediators & negotiators!

TEAM-BUILDING through IMPROVISATION Improvisation is the invention or fabrication of a story or line of logic using a given set of parameters. In theatre training, actors learn human behavior skills so that they can apply intention to visible action in order to create interaction that appears real in given situations. In a law practice, similar skills […]

The Quest: Where Will Your Day Take You?

Described by participants as, “completely transformational,” The Quest is an 24-hour improvisational exercise developed by Del Close in the early 1980s, during a series of workshops that he was leading in New York City. Intended to be a solo-improv exercise, The Quest encourages participants to step out into the world with the frame of mind […]

Improvisational Theater Skills for Lawyers