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Interview with Bill McLaughlin

#5 3.20.16 Interview with Bill McLaughlin March 19, 2016 In the early days of improvisation in New York City, you could not find a funnier or more experienced comedy improvisor than Bill McLaughlin. Bill was trained by master improv guru, Del Close and came to NYC from Chicago with Chicago City Limits improv troupe, modeled […]

#2 Improv for Lawyers Podcast – Hal Peller Interview

Hal Peller is a former student of mine, who has gone on to teach the work of Viola Spolin from the classic improv manual, “Improvisation for the Theater”.  We discuss the importance of maintaining a “Yes, And” orientation in improv, along with the three basic rules Hal teaches in his Spolin workshops. The application for lawyers is […]

Improv for Lawyers Podcast

CLICK HERE FOR IMPROV FOR LAWYERS PODCAST In this podcast, you will hear about the four key areas where theatrical improvisation is a great asset for lawyers for improved and enhanced legal skills: 1-Applied Legal Story telling Presentation Skills: Creating persuasive narratives. 2- Advocacy & Persuasion: Aristotle & Pathos, Logos, Ethos. 3- Playing Along: Teamwork […]

Improvisational Theater Skills for Lawyers