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Did you hear the one about the funny prosecutor?

(from our friends at the Jacksonville Journal) By Andrew Pantazi A homicide prosecutor by day, John Kalinowski leads Jacksonville’s improv comedy scene. A keyboard sounded a cheery and fast beat, the same two notes repeated; and a banker, a saleswoman, a corporate trainer and a prosecutor stepped forward to sing. “Tonight More Cowbell proudly presents an […]

Improv and Persuasion

The need to be persuasive to a jury or judge in a trial is a basic for trial attorneys. The same goes for mediators who need to create an environment of agreement for clients. In “Using Improvised Persuasion to Achieve Your Goals”, Skip Prichard shares some insights about sales and improvisation. A New Approach to Persuasion […]


Lawyers, because of the nature of what they do, sometimes lose their moral center.

Here is some much advice from a longtime friend, great improv teacher and co-author of a soon to be published training manual, Improv for Lawyers.


Doing improv on any stage is exactly what you should do to be successful in your legal career—as a litigator and mediator. I am  not only a comedian, but an improv actor, lawyer and professional speaker. Improv helps in all of them. “Try to keep your mind open to possibilities and your mouth closed on […]

Why Lawyers Should Take Improv Classes

The first time I stepped into an improv class was in 1979. It was even before I did stand-up comedy, and I had no idea what improv was. I was working as an agent for a college booking agency, and was asked by the First Amendment Comedy Troupe in New York to audition them for […]

Top Ten Improv Games

Improv comedy takes a certain wittiness, recalling ability, and fertile repertoire by which comedy can be engendered on the spot.   An improv comedian is like a Ninja warrior, ready for anything that happens around him– and tapping every resources available, intrinsic and extrinsic (observing, listening, feeling—using all senses). Some strong improvisers can create comedy […]

Truth in Humor: How Improvisational Comedy Can Help Lawyers Get Some Chops

The Harold is a “long form” improv activity first developed in the 60s by theater director / teacher Del Close. Long form improvisational activities allow actors more time to develop believable characters and organic storylines. Whether the performance is a comedy or a drama is entirely up to the cast members. Long form improv can […]

Whose Trial Is It Anyway? Using Improv To Help Lawyers ‘Present’ More Effectively

By Jeffrey Krivis, First Mediation Corporation Picture a group of 30 trial lawyers in an almost empty room, loudly chanting, ‘Big Booty, Big Booty, Big Booty!’ Now imagine a pair of them trying to have a conversation without using the letter ‘S’. How about two of them vying for the attention of a third by, […]

Improvisational Theater Skills for Lawyers