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Did you hear the one about the funny prosecutor?

(from our friends at the Jacksonville Journal) By Andrew Pantazi A homicide prosecutor by day, John Kalinowski leads Jacksonville’s improv comedy scene. A keyboard sounded a cheery and fast beat, the same two notes repeated; and a banker, a saleswoman, a corporate trainer and a prosecutor stepped forward to sing. “Tonight More Cowbell proudly presents an […]

Applied Improvisation Network!

Applied Improvisation Network! Applied improvisation uses the principles, tools, practices, skills and mind-sets developed in comedy, jazz and theater and utilizes them for non-theatrical or performance purposes. Practitioners of applied improvisation facilitate workshops, for individuals or organizations, introducing them to these principles, tools etc. via solo, paired or group exercises, activities and games. Participants of […]

Interview with Bill McLaughlin

#5 3.20.16 Interview with Bill McLaughlin March 19, 2016 In the early days of improvisation in New York City, you could not find a funnier or more experienced comedy improvisor than Bill McLaughlin. Bill was trained by master improv guru, Del Close and came to NYC from Chicago with Chicago City Limits improv troupe, modeled […]

Improvisational Theater Skills for Lawyers