Top Ten Popular Improv Books

When you started law school way back whenever  —- you bought your 1L books at your law school bookstore to begin your legal education – books on Torts, Property, Criminal, Civ Pro, Contracts, and Constitutional law filled your bookshelves and emptied your pockets.

The knowledge filled your brain turning it from mush into that of a lawyer. The same goes for your education as an improviser.

Here are the Top Ten Popular Improv Books—-and these should all be in your library,

Truth in Comedy: The Manual for Improvisation (Paperback)  by Charna Halpern & Del Close

Impro (Paperback) by Keith Johnstone

Improvise.: Scene from the Inside Out (Paperback)  by Mick Napier

The Upright Citizens Brigade Comedy Improvisation Manual (Paperback) by Matt Besser

Improv Wisdom: Don’t Prepare, Just Show Up (Hardcover) by Patricia Ryan Madson

Improvisation for the Theater (Paperback)  by Viola Spolin

Impro for Storytellers (Theatre Arts (Routledge Paperback)) by Keith Johnstone

Art by Committee: A Guide to Advanced Improvisation (Paperback) by Charna Halpern

The Second City Almanac of Improvisation (Paperback)  by Anne Libera

Improvising Long Form (Paperback)  by Mick Napier

There are many other books, too. Here is a Goodreads Link for those books.  Good reading!


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Improvisational Theater Skills for Lawyers