Did you hear the one about the funny prosecutor?

(from our friends at the Jacksonville Journal)

By Andrew Pantazi

A homicide prosecutor by day, John Kalinowski leads Jacksonville’s improv comedy scene.

A keyboard sounded a cheery and fast beat, the same two notes repeated; and a banker, a saleswoman, a corporate trainer and a prosecutor stepped forward to sing.

“Tonight More Cowbell proudly presents an evening of improv and song,” began Nick Davis at the rehearsal on the Southside. “We don’t know any of the words. These songs have never been heard. We make it up as we go along.”

“So if you’ll help us to begin,” sang Rachel Stromberg to the parlor-song tune, “you’ll just need to answer one question. We’ll make a scene, out of any old thing. Would you give us a suggestion?”

The suggestion? The Quran. [CLICK HERE FOR MORE]

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