Improv and Persuasion

The need to be persuasive to a jury or judge in a trial is a basic for trial attorneys. The same goes for mediators who need to create an environment of agreement for clients.

In “Using Improvised Persuasion to Achieve Your Goals”, Skip Prichard shares some insights about sales and improvisation.

A New Approach to Persuasion

Sales VP’s all over the world will read the title of your book Ditch the Pitch and wonder:  “The pitch is how we sell others our ideas,” they will say, “It’s our main way of selling.”  You say that the pitch doesn’t work.  Why?

If a salesperson determines what he wants to say to a customer before he meets with that customer, the odds that this message will be the right message for this customer, at this time, are one in a million.  We can’t possibly know in advance, even with customers we’ve known for a long time, what their current mood, situation, attitudes and reactions to information will be. [for more click here]. 

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Improvisational Theater Skills for Lawyers