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Applied improvisation uses the principles, tools, practices, skills and mind-sets developed in comedy, jazz and theater and utilizes them for non-theatrical or performance purposes.

Practitioners of applied improvisation facilitate workshops, for individuals or organizations, introducing them to these principles, tools etc. via solo, paired or group exercises, activities and games.

Participants of applied improvisation workshops are able to integrate these principles; tools etc. into their daily lives. Personal development, team building, creativity, innovation and wellbeing are some of their areas that benefit from learning applied improvisation methods.

Benefits of Applied Improvisation

Collaboration, Confidence and Creation

Applied improvisation exemplifies that creativity happens collaboratively by using the principle of short turn taking between individuals in the group. In an atmosphere of positive purpose, everyone is encouraged to contribute. Fear, suspicion and anxiety are replaced with focus, creativity and sense of collaboration. This approach allows individuals, groups and organizations to release their creative potential and overtime increase their confidence.


Many exercises, activities and games use in applied improvisation are designed to encourage risk taking, playfulness and to be in the moment. Consequently participants will find that they are having fun whilst also developing or challenging their existing mind-set.

AIN Aims

  • To promote the practice of applied improvisation
  • To support members and practitioners of applied improvisation
  • To develop methods of best practice
  • To connect its members to each other to foster collaborative working opportunities
  • To partner with organizations to promote and teach applied improvisation to their members

AIN Values

  • In the power of improvisational practice to improve the quality of human lives, communities, and organizational relationships;
  • The experiential value of play, spontaneity and intuition promotes personal and professional growth, and nurtures innovation;
  • Co-creativity is a life-skill that helps individuals live more meaningfully, and drives organizational performance;
  • Improvisation’s emphasis on generosity, cooperation, trust, and experimentation counterbalances fear, and releases creativity;
  • These benefits are open to all people at any age, any walk of life, and especially to those who have never done it before!

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