Top 10 Tips for Young Trial Lawyers

Screen Shot 2015-12-13 at 12.43.45 AMTop 10 Tips for Young Trial Lawyers

At this time of year, I always think about the new class of lawyers coming to their new jobs at the end of the summer, which also means that those who are already in their legal jobs for a few years will get slowly pushed up the ladder. When I was at Corporation Counsel (The lawyers for the City of New York) I was asked to put together a training seminar for the new lawyers normally a year or two out of law school who would now begin trying cases in defense of the the City.

I worked with Chief of Trials Lenny Mentzer (as an “outside the box” thinker  as there ever was) from whom I learned so much.  We created all kinds of simple lists and pointers that would be easy to carry into court with you and which would be easy to follow.  I then created a Top Ten list as David Letterman’s Top Ten list was just gaining popularity. I found it recently and perked it up for the new society in which we operate. So here it is:

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