Applied Legal Storytelling Conference July 21st-24th Seattle

Screen Shot 2015-07-17 at 5.34.20 PMThe Applied Legal Storytelling Conference brings together academics, judges, and practitioners to explore the role of storytelling and narrative structures both in lawyering and in legal education. The conference has previously convened in 2007 (London), 2009 (Portland), 2011 (Denver), and 2013 (London).

If you wish an answer to the question, “What is Applied Legal Storytelling?”, you can see this article by Prof. Ruth Anne Robbins of Rutgers School of Law – Camden.

Or an article by Nancy Levit, University of Missouri-Kansas City School of Law entitled “Legal Storytelling: The Theory and the Practice – Reflective Writing Across the Curriculum.”

The conference encompasses a variety of approaches to the idea of applied legal storytelling. Among them are the uses of storytelling in law practice, legal education, and legal scholarship; the ways in which fiction-writing techniques or narrative theory can inform legal storytelling; stories in the law, or law as stories; legal storytelling and metaphor; legal storytelling and cognitive science; and ethical considerations in legal storytelling.

See the complete schedule here.


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