“Creativity is more important than knowledge.” Albert Einstein

Screen Shot 2015-05-08 at 11.38.11 PMAs a lawyer, you can learn the wisdom of improv, be able to speak from the heart, engage the courage to create, and enjoy the true wonder of being in the moment.

You’ll experience and learn the unique secrets the improvisation professionals on such shows as Second City Theater, Saturday Night Live, Upright Citizens Brigade and Whose Line Is It, Anyway? know.

*Thinking quickly & creatively; Discovering more options

* Sharpening the ability to deal with the unexpected – Honing the instincts.

* Exercising mind and body – Employing advanced and outstanding communication skills.

* Sizing up new or rapidly changing situations.

* Learning how to move on when things are not going well – Responding to a bad ruling or change in direction by the judge; Rolling with the punches .

The purpose of improvisational training is to give people a task to complete within an unpredictable and unplanned framework. The workings of successful Improv and successful legal endeavors travel parallel paths.

They both engage in solving a problem while creating or discovering something new within a given set of constraints. In the practice of law, the constraints are often represented by laws, rulings, talent, relationships with clients and peers, and the self-imposed limitations of “conventional legal wisdom.” In Improv, the process is constrained by its rules and the different characteristics inherent in individual exercises or games.

As a lawyer, you will learn to accept and enhance the ideas of others;

Build on what our situation gives us in a creative and open way;

Communicate clearly and concisely to both layman and lawyers alike;

Develop rapport with clients in a multi-level way;

Embrace risks and the challenges and rewards they bring;

Focus for shared attention for emotionally intelligent problem solving;

Generate leadership, creative solutions and excellent team building skills’

Handle unexpected obstacles with enthusiasm and intelligence.

Improv is built around a series of theater games; with very specific rules that provide a structure. Lawyers must operate within the bounds of the law and improvisers are constrained by the game they are playing!

Using the basics of improvisation:

Team building, Trust, Speed, characters, Basic Scene Building, Accepting and Conquering fears.

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Improvisational Theater Skills for Lawyers