Improv for Lawyers Develops Excellent Trial Skills

Screen Shot 2015-05-08 at 6.21.50 PMAttorneys develop the ability to enhance their trial skills, negotiate more productive settlements,  improve their mediation skills and attract new clients. Often, thinking fast and reacting in the moment is the difference between success and failure as a lawyer.

Improv for Lawyers develops skills in dealing with the unexpected, trusting intuition, active listening, agreement and other critical legal skills that are supported by the fundamentals of improvisation.

Most CLE “skills” courses merely give you information — Improv for Lawyers provides a supportive learning experience that gives all lawyers the opportunity to practice in a safe and comfortable environment.

These are the same skills as exhibited by the funny folks on Saturday Night Live, Second City, the Improv Olympic, the Upright Citizens Brigade, and the People’s Improv Theater.

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Improvisational Theater Skills for Lawyers